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Types Of Diamond Earrings: A Guide To Ace The Perfect Look

Earrings are a forever friend to women, they might be skeptical of any other Jewelry but for Earrings, it is always a BIG YESSS! And if they are Diamond Earrings, then it’s an Icing on the Cake. Earrings are something that can be worn every time, everywhere, and with everything.
01 November 2023
Types Of Diamond Earrings: A Guide To Ace The Perfect Look


Earrings are a forever friend to women, they might be skeptical of any other Jewelry but for Earrings, it is always a BIG YESSS! And if they are Diamond Earrings, then it’s an Icing on the Cake. Earrings are something that can be worn every time, everywhere, and with everything.

 Table of Contents:

  1. Types of Earrings
  2. Types of Earrings Closure
  3. Styling Earrings
  4. Earrings according to Face
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. Shop the Story


We are listing down Types of Earrings made by budget-friendly Lab Grown Diamonds, which will give you the same luxury vibes as Natural Diamonds. Let’s have a look at some Lab Grown Diamond Earrings types:


The Simplest but classy Earrings are Stud Earrings, which are worn over the Lobe. They come in a wide variety of Solitaire, Cluster, and Halo patterns from Minimal to Statement Styles. For secured and comfortable carrying, Screw Back, Push Back, and Flat Back Closures are provided with them.

a) Solitaire Stud Earrings

Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Earrings come in varied Shapes and Sizes. The most prominent are Round Solitaire Studs. You can adorn these Single Stone Stud Earrings with any outfit for Casual Days to Cocktail Evenings.

b) Cluster Earrings Studs

Different Shaped and Sized Diamonds when clubbed together form mesmerizing Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Earrings designs from Minimal to Cocktail, which can be paired up according to the outfit or event.

c) Halo Stud Earrings

A Diamond center stone is encircled by small stones to make it look somewhat larger, this beautiful setup forms Lab Grown Diamond Halo Stud Earrings. You can carry Halo Studs with a Date Night outfit to accentuate your look.


Small Hoop Earrings which sit close to Ear Lobe are Huggie Earrings. These are comparatively smaller in diameter than Hoop Earrings. Lab Grown Diamond Huggie Earrings are perfect to pair up with your every outfit for all occasions to get a sophisticated look. They mainly have Hinged Closures for secured carrying and more closeness to the ear lobe.


Big Circular Earrings that sit at a distance from the Ear Lobe are Hoop Earrings. The Hoop Eternity Earrings are bigger than Huggie Earrings and give a more dramatic look. Lab Grown Diamond Hoop Earrings are the perfect option for Brunches or Day Out with friends.

Hoop Earrings come in a variety like Half Hoop Earrings, J-Hoop Earrings, Front Facing Hoop Earrings, These Circle Earrings have Hinged Hoop Closure, Snap Back Closure, Latch Back Closure, and Lever Back Closure according to design and are comfortable to wear. You can get to know a brief about the Earrings closure below.


A cheeky and classy style of Earrings where a Droplet hangs down from the Ear Lobe is known as Drop Earrings. They are short in length compared to Dangle Earrings and end up looking like a closed pattern in the bottom. Lab Grown Diamond Drop Earrings have Fish Hook majorly but they also come with Hoops on top for a more stylish look. You can carry Drop Earrings with Everyday outfits or on special Date Nights to elevate your look.


One of the most stylish types of Earrings is Dangle Earrings. They have more length than Drop Earrings and don't look like they have a closed pattern at the end. Lab Grown Diamond Dangle Earrings add length to your face.

Dangle Earrings are sleek, having Screw Back or Fish Hook Closure for a more appealing look. Some of them can have Hinged Hoops for more secure carrying.


If you want to add a Style Statement to your Cocktail Night outfits, then you can go for Lab Grown Diamond Chandelier Earrings. These are Dangle Earrings but with more embellishments and broad in width.

The Heavy Dangling Earrings mostly have Screw Back or Fish Hook Closure for a more classy look.


We have mentioned what Earrings Closure is applied to a particular type of Earrings, Now let’s have a look over what and how exactly these closures or Earrings fastening are -

a) Screw Back

The most common closure in Earrings, a Screw is placed on the post behind Ear Lobe. The Earrings Post here means the Stick part of earrings which passes through the Ear Lobe. For Screw Backs that post has a threaded mechanism so that the screw back can be spun over it for secure and easy wearing. It can’t be easily removed.

b) Push Back

The simple type of closure, just push a butterfly back on the post, and done. The Earrings post with this Closure is a simple one not the threaded one like Screw Back. This type of fastening is also known as Friction Back.

c) Flat Back

Although it is an old-style closure, yes it is very safe and secure. In this the Post itself is inserted in the closure and from the back there is a flat part, which eventually saves you from pricking.

d) Fish Hook

Also known as French Hook, this is basically a curved wire attached to the Earrings which passes through the Ear Lobe, these are comfortable and quick to wear.

e) Hinged Back

In Hinged Closure, the post is Clipped with pressure into the Earring hole. This is commonly known as Clip fastening and is found in Hoop Earrings.

f) Lever Back

A curved wire is pressed and set into the loop like a clasp. A secured type of Closure with a great mechanism, after properly sealed it looks like a Lever only.

g) Latch Back / Snap Back

A wire is placed on the earring hole after passing through the Ear Lobe like a Lever Back. On viewing, it looks like there is a latch on the Gate. Earrings with this Closure need to be fastened properly as it is a little bit delicate.


Frankly, there is no such specific tip to Style your Earrings, it’s all about how you want to carry the Earrings. Still, we would like you to go through the basic Earrings Styling tips :

For Regular Office people, Stud Earrings are the best. They can complement your Casual or Formal Look efficiently. These can even be used for Stacking your Cartilage, if you have various piercings like Lobe, Helix, and Conch. You can wear different shapes and sizes of Stud Earrings at different places on the Ear to create a Layering look. For more tips on stacking read out our blog for more understanding.

*How to Style Jewelry Stacking

Not every Earring is for every occasion, Simple Huggie Earrings can be worn as everyday earrings, Dates, and Brunches but can’t be carried to Cocktail Events, where you want to flaunt your hot neckline in an off-shoulder gown. Dramatic Hoop Earrings can be a Girl's Day out material but not to carry for beautiful Dates.

Before choosing the earring you want to wear make sure to work on a few things beforehand, like -

  • What is the event?
  • What type of outfit you will be going to wear?
  • What Neckline does it have?

Different types of Earrings give a distinctive look to Face Shapes. Stud Earrings are something which can be worn by anyone but not all earrings are for everyone. Let us explain this briefly:

a) Round Shaped Face

As this type of face is already Round, to give it a long effect, one can go with Dangle Earrings or Drop Ear rings.                                                                                                                                          


Round Shaped Face

As this type of face is already Round, to give it a long effect, one can go with Dangle Earrings or Drop Ear rings

Square Shaped Face

Hoop Earrings will ditch the pointed look of your face.


Oval Shaped Face

As a combination of Round and Square, Hoop Earrings and Drop Earrings will complement this Face Shape.

Heart Shaped Face

Due to sleek edges in the end, Dangle Earrings or Chandelier Earrings will give a more filling look to this Face.

Diamond Shaped Face

This Unique Face Shape has pointed edges on Top and Bottom, so Dangle Earrings would add more grace to your looks.


Triangular Shaped Face

Broad Forehead and Sleek Chin, a distinct face shape can be elevated with Drop Earrings and Dangle Earrings.


Hope from all the above we have provided you with a satisfactory summary for Earrings, which can help you in saving time in shopping. Now, whenever you want to buy Diamond Earrings, you could have a clear picture in your mind of what type of Earrings you want, and how you can style them later.

Please feel free to connect with us for more queries. Explore our stunning Lab Grown Diamond earrings and style them as per your choice.