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How to Clean Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Oh my! Your Diamond Ring looks like a new one. How do you manage to make your Diamond Jewelry sparkle so much? Who does not want to get such compliments and their Precious Jewelry to always shine.
26 October 2023
How to Clean Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Lab Grown Diamonds are like Natural Diamonds, and this attribute makes them undoubtedly more special. Lab Diamonds are also glasslike, even a little touch could leave fingerprints. Body Oils, Sweat, Spray, Chemical, Cosmetics, and Dirt let the valuable Diamonds lose their luster over time. But No worries, here’s everything possible you can do to Clean Diamond Jewelry in affordable and easy-to-find ways and let it shimmer all the time.

Table of Contents:

  1. Basic Cleaning
  2. Deep Cleaning with Liquid Solution
  3. Use our jewelry cleaning kit
  4. Shop our jewelry cleaning kit
  5. Check out our Collection

1. Firstly, Basic Cleaning is necessary before putting it back.

Make sure that after hitting a party or back from a date or brunch, you first clean your Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry with a lint-free damp cloth gently from back and forth, so that your Jewelry with Diamonds remains always ready to wear. Later put it back into its pouch or cloth-lined jewelry box in a moisture-free safe place, better to store it separately from other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratching and tarnishing, because Diamonds are precious.

2. Secondly, a deep cleansing process you can do at home.

Take some soft dishwashing liquid in a bowl and dilute it with some warm water. This solution must be enough to let your Lab Created Diamond products get soaked into it properly for at least 20 - 30 minutes. After this, smoothly scrub your Fine Diamond pieces with a soft-bristled toothbrush, without scratching the gemstone and damaging its settings. Later, rinse your jewelry under normal water so that all the dirt and cleaning agent get removed properly dry it with a clean cloth, and secure it safely. This process you can do every 15 days or as per your use of Fine Jewelry.

Soak Diamond Jewelry
Soak Diamond Jewelry in Cleansing Solution
Scrub Diamond Jewelry with a Soft Bristled Toothbrush

Scrub Diamond Jewelry with a Soft Bristled Toothbrush

3. Use our Jewelry cleaning kit

Spray the jewelry with our all-natural jewelry cleaning liquid. Let it soak in the liquid for about 15 minutes. Use the soft bamboo bristle brush to gently scrub the diamonds, making sure to go under and at the back of the setting and prongs. Then rinse the piece with warm water to get all the cleaning liquid and loose dirt off. Finally, wipe thoroughly with the soft cloth provided. Now see the diamond sparkling and get compliments for your new jewelry!

Finally concluding all the above, Fine Diamond Jewelry grown in the Lab is something you can pass on to generations and to save it for them, we must take good care and timely cleaning of it. Some small efforts like removing jewelry before sleeping, bathing, being involved in physical activities and a regular clean-up can save our precious diamond treasure for a long time. Explore our Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Collection