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How to Style Jewelry Stacking


Ditch the thought of being Minimal is Good Enough with Jewelry Stacking style and maximize your elementary look. Stacking Jewelry is not a newbie in the industry as we found evidence of ancient people wearing many jewelry pieces altogether in history, but today we bought you a different definition of Stackable Jewelry.



Table of Content

  1. Explaining Jewelry Stacking
  2. Layering Different Product Types

2.1. Stacking Rings

2.2. Layering Necklaces

2.3. Decking the Earrings

2.4. Piling Up the Bracelets

  1. Tips to Stack Jewelry Pieces

3.1. Play the Metal Game

3.2. Opt for Different Sizes or Length

3.3. Merging the Shapes

  1. FAQs to quench your queries
  2. Summarizing the Layering Game